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Deliberate and Afraid of Nothing: 2021

Happy New Year!

My God! Thank you!

Everyday of the last year something has tried to kill me and has failed!

We did it! You made it! So many did not. You have not drowned in this grief. You have not been murdered by a broken heart. Your mind has not grown feeble with idleness nor has your blood stopped flowing at our new measured pace. You are still here!

We have much to do and even more to become.

Declare with me:

“I am deliberate

and afraid

of nothing.”

–Audre Lorde, From a Land Where Other People Live (1973)

I rejoice for the lessons I have learned, the clarity I have gained, and the surety that if I/we can survive the tremendous losses of 2020 and swim with/in/through the rip tide of personal and collective grief—whom shall we fear, of whom shall I be afraid?

Remembering and honoring those who cannot, I walk boldly into this new year—ready! Ready to face what must be faced and to do what must be done in only the way that I can do it: boldly, honestly, with grace, style, a searing clarity, a heap of laughter, and a joyful spirit!


Every. Day.

We see you and you matter.

We are you and we matter.

Be well.

Be still.

Trust in the Infinite.

Remember our shared humanity.

Be community.

Be of good courage.

Please take care of yourselves and each other.

Happy New Year,


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